I am a doctoral candidate at  Michigan State University in the Department of Media and Information,. I am also a member of Behavior, Information and Technology Lab (BITLab).

I am a computational social scientist interested in economic incentives and constraints that new media technologies create and their impact on information exchange; In most of  works, I try to put media studies, information science and economics together.

I recently proposed my  dissertation titled “News Organizations’ News Link Sharing Strategies on Social Media: Economic Theory and Computational Text Analysis.” In this work, I suggest a game theoretic model to show how socio-technical traits of social media can structure news organizations’ competition for users’ limited attention, and in turn, how resulting strategies can influence what users will see on social media. Further, I proposed to use structural topic model (STM) to compare text of shared and unshared news stories.  I am also leading a research project that analyzes emerging news organizations’ hyperlinking strategy to see how reliance can help them survive as a part of media ecosystem.

I started my early academic career reading Althusser, Derrida and Foucault as a cultural study scholar. But I am also an avid learner of economic theories and software development.